Facebook continues to be one of the top sources of e-commerce traffic apart from your search and direct traffic. While you need your weekends and holidays,  your social media page does not.  Marketing automation tools can keep your Facebook page active while you take a break.  Can you really automate your Facebook engagement?

Not entirely. But you can supplement your hand created posts with regular automated dynamic posts based on rules that you set. For example, pick a category every week, and showcase best sellers, new arrivals, non-performing products, low priced top sellers, trending products, and so on each day of the week.

Here is a sample of automated posts that are used by some of our customers.

And here is why these actually improve your organic reach on Facebook:

1: The content is evergreen and real.  It is hard to keep producing fresh content on a continuous basis. If you are an e-commerce company with a rich product catalog, this problem is already half-solved for you because interesting products themselves make good content for shopping enthusiasts.

,2.: It enhances Social Proof and increases trust and conversions,. Facebook is a social medium, and so people here look for trends to follow and like to see the products that are actually popular among others like them. This helps decision making and leads to e-commerce conversions.

3: Carousel Posts give more variety than normal single-image posts. Up to 10 images with captions can be posted in a single carousel. This enhances discovery for your customers by showcasing more products on the face and in turn increases conversions.  They make great candidates for boosting as ads. As per Facebook, the cost per conversion using carousel post ads is 30-50% less than normal link posts. 

4: The optimum number of posts on your Facebook page is 2, as per, this article. By augmenting your hand made creative posts, with some automated ones. you keep up the frequency and maintain the organic reach, while also showcasing the right products.

5: It enables you to figure out the best performing post and promote the right one to get the best out of your ad money. By posting products automatically based on rules. you get good coverage of your products. It is a modern, more dynamic way to A/B test. After watching the best performing posts, you can put your ad money on the best-performing ones to get the best bang for your buck.

Here’s an example of a carousel post – with dynamically created content posted automatically. This post meets all the above guidelines:  fresh content, regular posting, multiple products in one post, and elements of social proof.

2 Bent Chair Home.png

To get the full benefit of your efforts on Facebook, you must find the people who visit your site through Facebook ads and then re-target them on other 1-1 channel like email or text, or browser notifications.

YFret is a multi-channel marketing automation platform built for e-commerce marketers. It combines deep product intelligence with user behavior analysis to suggest the best campaigns.  

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