By Tina Mani • March 22, 2017

Email Marketing Campaign Tips for Online Retailers & eMarketers

Today's consumers are open to discovery and like experimentation. As an online retailer, you have the ability to influence their choices and decisions in more ways than one. Social media marketing is a great choice for this, but there lies a far more effective and affordable medium to reach your customer with a personal touch - the humble email!

As a marketer, one knows that the key challenge of email marketing is an unread message, or worse, an email being deleted. However, just following certain key points while creating your campaign can drastically change the way your email is perceived. This is where high quality content comes into play. Engagement through good content is one thing, but knowing who your final audience is another. Modern day marketing automation tools make segmentation and one-to-one personalization a breeze. This is the first step toward being hopeful of a click. A sale will soon follow.

That said, let's re-examine some key strategies great marketers use when sending out an eCommerce Email Campaign:


Today's marketing automation and AI based software help you easily analyze the taste and demography of a customer. Align your email content to arouse interest based on this data. Show products that intrigue the reader based on his last visit to your website/eStore. Track visitor search information and send emails of related products to help customers with product discovery. You never know, you might just have what they are looking for!



Nothing brings the mouse closer to a click, than addressing a previous search or product. And the subject line of an email can do wonders in this regard. Go beyond the lame 'Hi Jake!' name inclusion. Try adding subject lines like, "34 people bought this Nikon lens protector". Better yet, send this to someone who recently purchased a Nikon camera. You can also try lines like, "We think this bowtie will perfectly match the white shirt!" Such contextual subject lines arouse interest, especially after a purchase or a search and help retarget customers.



Today's consumer is exposed to multiple channels of buying options. While product design and price are the primary factors, today's smart consumer looks for others opinions on products. Including a product review provides great validation quotient. It influences the readers choice and brings them to trust your brand. This is essential as it sets you apart for future shopping and product references to other customers. Ensure your campaign highlights important content pieces from various reviews to stand a better chance of a conversion.


A next step to helping you cross-sell and up-sell would be by showcasing related products in an email immediately after a purchase. As mentioned earlier, bringing to the notice of the customer all the other products you might have in a certain category might help you sell further. A great way to increase interest would be to display the top-selling related products along with their product rating and a brief review. Further, an option to directly purchase the same increases your chances of a conversion manifold.


Who doesn't want one? So if you have a customer who has spent 15 minutes looking for a product, it is time to display a time-bound offer to persuade him to take his visit a step further into a purchase. No one wants to miss a chance to save a bunch!

While there are a plethora of other tips you can use to strategize your email campaigns, getting them done can be a humongous task. Contemporary eCommerce marketing automation software that take away the grunt work for online retailers. The key is to pick the one that fits your marketing strategies perfectly and also easy to use. Stay in touch with us to learn more about the latest in eCommerce, marketing automation and everything you can do to go the extra mile!